• How to Join REAP's Mission


Get Involved on a Personal Level

1.  Join the REAP team. Volunteers are needed as:

•  Educators, curriculum developers, and textbook producers
•  Guidance counselors
•  Engineers, architects, construction workers
•  Agricultural specialists
•  Computer specialists
•  Health care specialists (doctors, nurses, and dentists)

2.  Provide students and teachers with educational supplies.

•  Teaching materials, educational videos, new and used text books
•  Computers (hardware and software)
•  Home economic supplies (sewing machines)
•  Occupational training supplies (wood-working materials)

3.  Provide educators with office supplies.

•  Generators
•  Portable public address system
•  Telephones and answering machines
•  Computers, printers, photocopiers and scanners
•  Cameras, camcorders, televisions/VCR and projection screens

4.  Provide students and teachers with heath-related assistance.

•  Vaccinations, pain and fever medications
•  Vitamins and first aid supplies

5.  Provide students with personal supplies such as:

•  Clothes, shoes and toiletries

6.  Provide shipping and cargo resources.

•  International transportation of educational materials and supplies

REAP feeding services

Strategic Partnership

A Partnership and Empowerment Approach

REAP relies on partners such as you to empower young people through education and training. Partners who are willing and able to provide financial and educational resources to help restore efficient learning environments so they can begin to build their future and become tomorrow’s leaders.

How to Partner with REAP

REAP relies on its partners not only for financial assistance, but also for technical and educational assistance in the following areas:

  1. Partners can assist by conducting needs assessment surveys in order
    to determine short range and long range plans for restoration.
  2. Partners can help to facilitate the organization of detruamatization
    and reconciliation seminars for students, teachers and community
    leaders at TARGET SCHOOLS.
  3. Partners can visit TARGET SCHOOLS to assist with in-service
    training for administrative and instructional staff.
  4. Partners can assist with the reconstruction and repair of facilities
    and fixtures, as well as interaction with the students, staff and the
    broader community surrounding the TARGET SCHOOLS.
  5. Partners can help to facilitate the development of vocational
    skills training and guidance programs designed to assist students
    make a smooth transition into the productive world of work.

liberia school

Would you like to join us?

REAP needs partners — individuals and organizations with a heart for children, and dedicated to restoring educational advancement programs in West Africa.