• Our Goals for West Africa


1. Strengthen Families and Enhance Educational Opportunities

  • 1.1 Develop programs for family strengthening

  • 1.2 Identify vulnerable families in need of support

  • 1.3 Recruit Personnel to manage the affairs of the ECD

  • 1.4 Develop Local & International Adoption Program

  • 1.5 Provide Scholarships for needy students

reap early childhood development

2. Enhance Character-based Leadership for Ethical Management

  • 2.1 Create responsible leaders who will abide by professional ethics in management

3. Increase Employment Through Female Empowerment to Help Reduce Poverty

  • 3.1 Launch REAP Institute and align all of the programs to include marketing and entrepreneurship skills as a key component for creating opportunity and sustainability

  • 3.2 Build the capacity females in IT to prepare them for labor market

  • 3.3 Equip females to build capacity in sewing skills in order to activate their income-generating activities

  • 3.4 Empower girls with tie-dying skills to be able to produce different kinds of cloth designs in tie dying in order to activate their income-generating activities

  • 3.5 Train women and girls with the skills of carpentry to prepare furniture in order to activate or improve their income generation

  • 3.6 Women will be trained in hospitality services to be good home makers which will empower them to gain employment in hotels and guesthouses

reap girl empowerment

4. Intensify Agriculture Improvement and Advancement in REAP Target Communities

  • 4.1 Improve skills in agriculture by introducing modern farming skills and technology for females to increase food production

  • 4.2 Promote processing and preservation of raw agro products to add value for marketing

  • 4.3 Promote the development of poultry and rabbits

reap feeding program

5. Make REAP Sustainable

  • 5.1 Improve REAP’s financial resource base

  • 5.2 Establish efficient management system and control

  • 5.3 Increase REAP’s visibility

  • 5.4 Build REAP’s human resource capacity

  • 5.5 Improve REAP’s infrastructure and physical facilities

reap development