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REAP Network of Schools

REAP focuses on strengthening target schools and collaborates with international partners to do so. REAP projects include:

  • The Liberian Refugees Tutorial School in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (LRTP)
  • Isaac A. David Sr. Memorial School in Paynesville, Liberia (IADSMS)
  • Truss International School in Ghana (TISOG)
  • Victoria Tolbert Early Child Development Center (REAP/ Bentol, Liberia)

REAP is seeking to expand its network of target schools and organizations to strengthen educational systems in West Africa.

liberia school

Vocational Training: REAP Institute

reap vocational trainingREAP intends to establish a vocational school to provide an education leading to a sustainable occupation for women   Infrastructure and educational order punctured by poor economic foundation which have made parents to neglect the payment of their Children school fees. The prevailing conditions made some girls to engage in forceful early marriage or prostitution and some of the boys do menial manual labor work to promote their living.

Some youths and young adults leaving high school do not have funds to further their education, as a result of this, they are just roaming about on the streets of Bentol City and its environs.

REAP foresees that until these youths and young adults are capacitated with the needed skills and guidance to sustain themselves, otherwise, they will not be productive in future which will result as burdens on the nation.

Therefore there is an urgent need to establish REAP Institute to address the educational needs and unemployment of youths and young adults in Bentol City.


  • REAP will provide accommodation (Infrastructure/ building) to commence the life skills training programs.
  • REAP will provide some equipment, tools, teaching and learning materials as start-up kit for the programs.
  • Some REAP staff will be the life skills instructors and few instructors will be contracted to teach at the institute.
  • Minimum fees for registration, tuition and sport activities will be charged per student to facilitate tutorial services and few materials cost.
  • Of funds raised from the institute, 40% will be forwarded to REAP for sustainability of the organization and humanitarian projects.
  • The institute administration shall account for all resources provided for the program through the Center Manager & Program Coordinator and shall report regularly on implementation to the Senior Consultant and Board members for accountability procedures.
  • The institute administration shall outline a work plan indicating all the program activities on an appropriate time sequence.
  • The institute will issue out certificate to graduates up on successful completion of their programs.
  • The institute will seek government accreditation as an approved, accredited vocational school.

Camps for Orphans, Disadvantaged Youth and Street Children

reap campREAP in partnership with the Lifeline Children Services, God’s Kids, Change Our World Foundation, Dave Parker Family and other partners has hosted over 20 Enlightenment and Empowerment YEE Camps impacting over 2000 orphans, un-adopted and disadvantaged youth and young adults from over 25 orphanages and schools.

These camps were held at the William R. Tolbert Jr. Youth Enlightenment and Empowerment Center (WRT YEE) in Bentol City, Liberia. At each camp we emphasize five (5Cs), which are: Christ, Character, Career awareness, Capacity building and Competency. Emphasis on these 5 Cs at each camp is geared towards preparing the participants for a smooth transition from orphanages and into the World of work and Life.

The camps participants learned the following life skills:

  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Computer science
  • Carpentry
  • Sewing
  • Catering
  • Masonry
  • Tie dyeing
  • Character Development (PLI) and (CSI)
  • Christ Character Development (FICM)
  • Reading and Communication Skills

Reconciliation and Leadership Program

reap training counselingREAP in Partnership with Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI) and Character Solution International (CSI) has organized reconciliation conferences, prayer breakfast, and leadership seminars, all geared towards pursuing peace, reconciliation, and good governance, democracy, character based leadership and ethics in management in the Liberia over the last 22 years. The first national seminar for peace and reconciliation was held on August 19, 1995 in Monrovia, Liberia.

Since its active engagement in Liberia in 2003, REAP has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Governance Commission (GC) and the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) to develop a national Leadership Development Policy.

Between 2005 to 2015 the program, in partnership with the Point man Leadership Institute (PLI) and Character Solutions International (CSI), both American based institutions, REAP successfully implemented a series of over 50 leadership training seminars for a cross section of over 4,000 Liberians leaders in the public and private sectors.

Categories of the beneficiaries have included the National Legislatures, cabinet ministries, superintendents and assistant superintendents, district commissioners, clan and paramount chiefs, youth leaders County Educational officers (CEOs), District Educational Officers (DEOs), Liberia national Police, Special Security Service, Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, Teachers, Students, amongst others. The impact of this program has extended to all 15 counties of Liberia.


REAP has compassion for youth and young adults who have lost their parents or are indigents as a results of the civil war. This program offers psychosocial counseling for orphans and their caregivers. When funds and resources are available, scholarship opportunities and relief assistance are provided for them in the form of school fees and other school-related payments, food, first aid kits, clothing, shoes, toys and games.

With the partnership of God’s Kids, the Liberia Educational Trust (LET), the Nancy Molehouse Family, the Norman Family, Elizabeth Eaton Family, St. Peter by the Sea, the Capalini Family, Scott Darling and Jim Daniel, REAP provided scholarship  for needy Liberian youth & young adults in elementary, high school, and college.

Freedom Counseling Program

REAP in partnership with the freedom in Christ Ministries (FICM) provides counseling services (using the “7 STEPS to Freedom Strategy”) for youth traumatized as a result of the many years of civil war in Liberia. The program specifically seeks to:

  • Build the capacity of counselors, caregivers, and social workers wherever possible; to provide a counseling intervention that will help the target groups.
  • Empower churches and Para-church organizational leaders for deeper, meaningful and effective counseling of their congregation.
  • Provide and conduct network meetings for our team of counselors and trainers.
  • Reach people, discourage drugs and cultic practices as well as liberate those already affected by them. The program target groups include HIV/ AIDS victims, orphans, street children, prostitutes, marginalized women and young ex-combatants (men and women).

Since 2003 until present, the program has de-traumatized thousands of Liberians victimized by the 14 years of civil war.

REAP Feeding Program

REAP partners with FMSC/EMA/USA/Rick Miller and “Feed my Starving Children” to provide Manna Rice to hundreds of children and institutions. The REAP feeding program provides a sustainable source of food to the children at the Early Childhood Development Center in Bentol City.

REAP is presently expanding its feeding program to include microbusiness with agriculture including fruits and vegetables.

reap feeding program

Orphanage Sports Tournament

REAP in collaboration with God’s Kids – Liberia, hosted the first orphan youth and young adults back to school Tournament in Liberia.

God’s Kids Mission is always dedicating to demonstrating Christ’s love for orphans by raising the standard of care and accountability in orphanages Worldwide.

Character Based Solutions

reap pointman leadershipREAP has conducted a series of Point man Leadership Institute (PLI) Seminars with focus on Principle Based Leadership – Importance of Ethics and Responsible Leadership for a cross section of participants including: Cabinet Minister, House of Senate, House of Representatives, Superintendents, the Liberian National Police, Immigration other Security Forces, County Coordinators, Commissioners of Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Finance Ministry Department of Revenue. Today, there are at least six (6) PLI national presenters in training.

REAP in partnership with Character Solution International (CSI) has also conducted several Training of Trainers seminars for county coordinators from the fifteen (15) counties in Liberia. REAP has also provided In-Service Teacher Training for teachers from selected schools in Montserrado, Bomi, Grand Cape Mount and Margibi Counties for the Liberia Education Trust (LET).

Computer Skills

In 2003, REAP launched one of the first large scale computer labs in the country, where hundreds of Liberian youth received computer skills training. The original REAP computer labs were installed with donations arranged through international partners.

Subsequently, in partnership with Change Our World Foundation (COWF), REAP conduced computer skills training for its staff members, students and teachers from the community, orphans as well as business personnel and other interested persons.

The program has produced over 500 capable users of computers within Montserrado, Margibi and Bong counties. Beneficiaries are currently serving the nation in various capacities.

Library/Reading/Learning Center Program

This is one of REAP’s initiatives, established to respond to the many problems faced by the Liberian educational sector. Specifically, the program seeks to expose students, teachers, and school administrators to a variety of books and multi-media approaches to teaching and learning. The goals of the program are as follows:

  • To help students develop reading skills that will assist them to learn better, stay in school, and prepare to be creative and resourceful citizens in a democratic society;
  • To provide a suitable reading, study ambiance and learners-friendly setting, especially for students and teachers; to help teachers teach more effectively.
  • To provide quality education and to establish a book mobile for an educational and psychotherapeutic outreach to other communities that does not have access to schools and libraries.

Since its inception in 2003, the program has impacted the Liberian educational system in many ways, including:

  • Distribution of textbooks and school materials to over 110 high schools in the country;
  • Establishment and rehabilitation of twenty libraries/ learning centers in deserving communities and schools within four Counties;
  • Conducting of In-service Teachers Empowerment Program (I-STEP) workshops for over 6,000 teachers from five counties.

reap liberia library

REAP Deworming Program

REAP and Orphan Aid Liberia has conducted serious mass deworming exercise for orphans and their caregivers in eight counties. Montserrado, Bong, Bomi, Margibi, Grand Bassa, Nimba, Grand Cape Mount and Gbarpolu County.

REAP has observed that children, especially orphans are mostly infested with worms and other diseases caused by bacterial because of poor sanitary habits such as, neglecting to wash hands, fruits, vegetables, and eating utensils. The infestation of worms and bacterial caused diseases tend to affect the energy level, concentration and academic performance of people especially children.

William R. Tolbert Youth Enlightenment and Empowerment (WRT-YEE) Center

REAP’s Head office and Ministry offices are at the WRT YEE Center in Bentol City where REAP operate its day to day activities. Some other programs and initiatives being implemented at and from the center include:

  • Camps
  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Programs that function as means to raise income to sustain the center and to train Youths that comes to the center.

AGRICULTURE & HORTICULTURE   REAP partners with the UNDP to create a sustainable agriculture program in Liberia.

SEWING   This program seeks to give women and girls sewing skills by which they can develop a means of living and sustain themselves as well as their families.

CARPENTRY AND MASONRY PROGRAMS   REAP is planning to provide specialized skills in masonry and carpentry for indigent youth and young adults residing in Bentol City and its surrounding communities.

COMMUNITY HEALTH TRAINING   With most of REAP target women having a background of sanitation which is often a common cause for their ill health and low infant mortality rate, REAP educates women in practical hygienic habits and practices. Under the program, REAP also introduces Christ to the beneficiaries.

COMPUTER SKILL TRAINING   REAP conducts computer training program for its staff members, Bentol City Corporation staffs, Students, teachers within and the surrounding of Bentol City, orphans as well as business personnel other interested persons. The program commenced in May 2004 and has to date produced over 900 capable users of computers within Montserrado, Margibi, and Bong counties. Beneficiaries include students with the ages between 12-30 years, school administrators, teachers, business persons, orphans in orphanages and foreigners. Many of these beneficiaries are currently serving the nation in various capacities.

Family Strengthening, Foster Care and Adoption

Bethany Christian Services

Recently, REAP with its partner, Bethany Children Services, GLOBAL has been accredited as an adoption agency in Liberia. It continues to outreach to the un-adopted orphans with YESSP camps and training for orphan care giver, REAP will now be more equipped to expand its programs for vulnerable youth to include family strengthening and empowerment in addition to foster care for orphans and vulnerable children.

REAP partners with Bethany Christian Services to strengthen families and partner with vulnerable children with no other support system to facilitate domestic foster care and adoption and international adoption in cases where the child may benefit.

Project Dignity

God’s Kids

REAP has partnered with God’s Kids (USA) on numerous project over the years which have raised standards and benefitted children in communities throughout Liberia. Recently REAP partnered with God’s Kids to implement “Project Dignity” which resulted in the construction of toilets and showers, thereby improving health conditions and raising the standard of sanitation.

Toilets and Bathrooms   Toilets and bathrooms built in a Children’s Home and Kollieman’s Town

Youth Camps   Between 2008 and 2010, REAP with the partnership of God’s Kids Organization and the Ministry of Youths and Sports, Liberia, conducted a series of enrichment and empowerment camps for over 200 orphans and disadvantaged youth and young adults from several communities and orphanages in Bong, Margibi and Montserrado Counties. During the camps, the orphans and disadvantaged youth and young adults were introduced to practical life skills such as: agriculture carpentry, masonry, and cooking, sewing, arts and crafts. In addition, they were educated in career development and other worthwhile habits and skills necessary for successful living.