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Organizational Mission

The mission of REAP is to empower and equip children, at-risk youth, rural farmers, women & girls, and entrepreneurs through skills-based training, capacity building, and resources to strengthen the local employment pipeline, fill gaps in the educational landscape and agricultural value chain while contributing to rural economic, social, and agricultural transformations.

REAP emphasizes character-building, leadership development, and financial literacy and leverages place-based resources, community assets, and strategic partnerships to increase the profitability of farmers, and bridge equity gaps for women and girls while creating pipelines of opportunities for our beneficiaries.

Our Vision

Building bridges of hope, bridging equity gaps, and creating pipelines of opportunities for at-risk youth, women & girls, local farmers, agribusinesses, and entrepreneurs while contributing to rural agricultural, economic, and social transformations in Liberia.


REAP achieves it mission through versatile engagement efforts, strategic partnerships, international
and national linkages, and it’s an accredited Vocational, Technical, and Career Institute (REAP-VTIC).

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